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A few things a person may not have known pertaining to the Variable Speed Motor

A stepper motor (also referred to as a step or stepping motor) is an electromechanical device achieving mechanical movements through conversion of electrical pulses. Stepper motors are driven by digital pulses rather than by a continuous applied voltage. Unlike conventional electric motors which rotate continuously, stepper motors rotate or step in fixed angular increments. A stepper motor is most commonly used for position control. With a stepper motor/driver/controller system design, it is assumed the stepper motor will follow digital instructions. One important aspect of stepper motors is their lack of feedback to maintain control of position. It is this lack of feedback which classifies stepper motors as open-loop systems.
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  • What exactly is a Human Machine Interface

A human machine interface is a computer that the operator uses to control a machine. There are various types of human machine interfaces used today. The human machine interface provides a visual representation of your control system. In the current industrial world this device makes it easy to watch a machines temperature, voltage, and current. This can be designed to be extremely user friendly so just about anybody may use it.